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Channel Epson Specific Terms of Use
Epson New Zealand Limited ("Epson") operates the Channel Epson website ("Site") for the exclusive use of companies, businesses or franchises with an existing business relationship with Epson, as described in the following 4 definitions ("Stores") as well as Authorised Service Agents, as well as advertising agencies, copywriters, web designers and graphic designers ("Service Providers"):
1. Resellers       Stores who purchase Epson products from an Epson Distributor and who resell them to the public
2. Distributors Stores who purchase products from Epson and sell them to Resellers
3. Retailers Large retail or department Stores who purchase products directly from Epson and who sell them to the public.
4. Service Agents Authorised Epson Service Agents and Repairers.
This Site is not for use by any person or organisation that does not fall within the above definitions of a Store or Service Provider and in particular is not for use by any member of the public.
By clicking the "Application Declaration" checkbox during registration for the Site, you agree on behalf of your Store or Service Provider to the following specific terms of use.
To register your Store to use this Site you must be the Owner, Director or Authorised Manager of a Store ("Store Manager") that sells official Epson branded products.
To register your Store, you must follow the procedure on the registration page. To complete this registration, you must enter the Store Identification Number (Store ID) already notified to you by Epson.  
Upon verification and acceptance of your Store details, Epson will allocate the Store Manager via E-mail access to the Site. The Store Manager may then authorise other Store employees to access the Site by following the procedure on the Store Management page. The Store Manager may also suspend or terminate a Store employee's access the Site by following the procedure set out on the Add/Edit Store Members page.
During the first login to the Site, a Store Manager may change its password so that all subsequent logins to the Site are by email address and user-created password.
A Service Provider may also access the Site, however you must first be authorised by Epson, click here to register now.
You must preserve the confidentiality of your Site passwords and you must take reasonable steps to ensure that unauthorised users do not access the Site. You must promptly notify Epson of any known or suspected misuse the Site or in case of any other known or suspected breach of security.
Details entered on the Site, such as the Store name, location, contact details and the Epson products sold by that Store, will be automatically listed in Epson's "Where to Buy" website. It is in your Store's interests to keep such details up to date, to assist customers looking for Epson products to locate your Store.
Other information relating to the Store that is entered into the Site by a Store Manager or Store employees will be treated as confidential.
For more information regarding Epson's privacy policy, please click here.
Epson authorises Stores and Service Providers to view and download product information ("Materials") from the Site, including items such as
  • Product Brochures
  • Product Bulletins
  • Catalogue Copy
  • Logos and product images.
Epson grants Stores and Service Providers permission to incorporate Materials into a Store's sales or information brochures, on condition that the relevant Store and Service Provider will indemnify Epson against:
  1. Any customer action or claim arising from any error or omission when incorporating Materials into sales or information brochures;
  2. Any misleading or deceptive statement made by a Store or Service Provider in relation to the Materials; and
  3. Any other inaccurate, misleading or deceptive use of the Materials by a Store or Service Provider.
If Epson designates any Materials as being confidential, a Store or Service Provider must not disclose them to anyone else without Epson's prior consent.
Registered Store Managers or Service Providers will receive regular electronic communications from Epson relating to its products ("Commercial Electronic Messages") and you must maintain for this purpose a valid E-mail address. You acknowledge that the Site will be Epson's main mode of communication with its Channel partners, so that all product brochures, pricelists, bulletins and price changes will be notified by electronic messaging instead of by hard copy.
By including your email address in your Store's or Service Provider's application to join the Site, you consent to all future Bulletins relating to Epson products being sent or made available by means of Commercial Electronic Messages.
All Epson's Commercial Electronic Messages will contain:
  1. Sufficient information to identify Epson as the source of that message; and
  2. An "unsubscribe" facility, allowing you to notify Epson that your Store does not wish to receive future commercial electronic messages.
If it chooses to unsubscribe from Commercial Electronic Messages, a Store or Service Providers will lose the benefit of up to the minute information on Epson products and may not be able to properly represent Epson products.
Epson has the right to suspend services through the Site and has the right to suspend or terminate a Store's or Service Provider's access to the Site, if it believes that the Store, Store Manager, Service Provider or any employee has breached the General Terms of Use or the Specific Terms Of Use of the Site or if Epson's relationship with a Store as a Channel Epson member is terminated.
You have the right to terminate your Store's or Service Provider's access to or use of the Site by notifying Epson at any time, in which case Epson will disable your Store or Service Providers account.
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